Laser Hair Removal  
  Laser hair removal, utilizing the Light Sheer Diode Laser, is the safest and most effective permanent hair removal method on the market today. It is the only FDA cleared laser for permanency. We encourage you to ask questions regarding your treatment, and we will individualize a hair removal treatment plan that fits your needs.  

Where does all this unwanted hair come from?

Having unwanted hair at a young age was embarrassing to Diana Callas - Owner of LHR Skin and Vein Center. She understands more than most that permanent hair removal is not just a luxury. “To people like me, permanent hair removal is a necessity,” says Diana, who sought laser hair removal treatments nearly 20 years ago. “People are paying thousands just to feel comfortable in their own skin. When their confidence is at stake, they really need to find someone who has made hair removal their passion so that they are able to trust them with their own unwanted hair issues.”


Hormones and heredity are contributing factors to hair growth. When hormonal, the cause can be a minor hormone imbalance or a major life change such as a pregnancy or menopause. Heredity (ethnic background) is a major player in the amount of hair that you have on your body.

Our Staff's Technical Training
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Diana Callas, the owner of LHR Skin and Vein Center, was trained at the top laser school in the country and the only school for Laser Hair Removal. Diana was trained on all Lasers for hair removal and IPL’S for skin care. Learning the proper use of all types of lasers is key, and having twenty five years of experience in permanent hair removal this is why you want to be in our care when having permanent hair removal with a laser. Most hair removal technicians only have a 1 day training course from their laser manufacturers to become certified. “We have treated many frustrated people who have been to other so-called laser hair removal centers and had extremely poor results. It’s time that people know the TRUTH and know what to look for when seeking laser hair removal treatments!” says Diana. Diana understands and implements the three key factors to permanent hair removal:  Education, Equipment, and Experience.

Before Laser Hair Removal


10 Months After


Before Laser Hair Removal


9 Months After




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